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Z-Concepts offers the designs and expert skills of a renowned California Naval Architect, Zachary M Reynolds. His original designs include a fleet of high speed passenger vessels operating in the Long Beach/Catalina trade. Designs and major conversions for an array of tugboats, barges and related equipment. High level responsibility for the analysis and solutions of technical marine matters.

Tahoe Flyer

Image courtesy Lake Tahoe Balloons

Lighter-than-aircraft Carrier: A steel hull catamaran vessel providing a flight deck for landing and launching hot air balloons exclusively over water. This vessel has operated since the early 1990's and has thrilled passengers with the air craft carrier operations which launch and retrieve 12 passenger hot air balloons from the vessel's flight deck.

Fast, maneuverable and easy riding, this vessel is a key example to the design and construction skills of ZMR.

Harbor Empress

Long Beach Prince
Long Beach Empress
Long Beach King

These comprise the fleet of passenger vessels which currently operate in channel waters and on San Francisco bay. Designed to carry up to 800 passengers in all weather. Steel construction and diesel powered.

Royal Knight

Harbor Breeze

Harbor excursion vessel and small passenger ferry designed for San Francisco bay, the Alcatraz ferry and San Pedro Bay


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