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Enhanced GIRDER System
Structural Steel for FLAT BED TRAILER BODIES


Strong maintenance free bracing enhances the strength of all girders supporting flat beds and car bodies.

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  • Reduce the size or number of girders required for any load.
  • Reduce overall weight by 20-30% compared to conventionally designed rigs of the same size and capacity.


ENHANCED GIRDER SYSTEMTM enhanced girders (US 6493895) for (2) primary supports, fabricated of mild steel, only weigh 1242lbs each on a 45ft flat bed highway trailer rated for 87,000lbs. A weight savings of 43% compared to traditional web and flange girder designs.

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ENHANCED GIRDER SYSTEM is a system of struts which act in combination with a girder to enhance its properties. This patented system is truly functional, compact and easily adapts to configurations utilizing girders and beams.

Enhanced GIRDER System
Structural Steel System for flat bed trailer bodies

The unique interaction of EGS reduces shear and bending stresses in a girder and lowers deflection. Traditional girder design utilizes flanges, which place structural mass away from the neutral axis, optimizing Moment of Inertia. EGS employs girder deflection energies to redistribute moments, often eliminating flange elements, and minimize Moment of Inertia.

EGS fits completely inside the girder depth alongside the web. It is welded or bolted to the lower chord of the girder or beam at only 6 places and is free to flex with the girder. Using this system the load capacity for any given beam can easily increase by a factor of 5 to 8 times the rating without the enhancement.

In combination with a girder’s properties, loads and moments are redistributed. The increased capacities are represented with the approximate moment of inertia, section modulus and cross section area of the girder. Loads are listed with the associated deflection. Since EGS can be used with any common shape, properties of the girder rather than the shape itself are the important variables.

Capacities are based upon mild steel, ASTM A36 bending stresses of 21ksi and shear of 14ksi.

EGS is manufactured in either steel or aluminum. It can be used in girders of any composition; steel, aluminum, wood or structural fiber-glass. It can be ordered in standard sizes for girder lengths of 10, 20 and 40 feet. Or EGS can be ordered for any girder span.



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