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A new breed of ocean CAT

US Coast Guard Approved for Oceans at 24 knots - Aluminum construction


A vessel, subject to architectural review, as a twin hull (pontoon) vessel is designed for passenger service upon Oceans.

The vessel is approximately 48 feet in length with a beam not to exceed 20 feet, and will carry passengers. Scantlings will be aluminum for the pontoon hulls and the topside structure. The vessel is to be Coast Guard inspected and all hull design and operational features will be submitted to USCG for review and approval. The vessel is to be USCG certified with lifesaving equipment and floats furnished by the Builder (buyer.)

The pontoon hulls will be of all aluminum construction, with an engine compartment provided. The pontoons will be so arranged that they are separate from each other and will provide the main deck area for the passenger area.

The vessel will be powered for a service speed according to Builders specifications. The basic power arrangement will be one engine in each pontoon driving a propeller shaft. Propulsion engine horsepower will be approximately 350 BHP per side. Engines may be either gas or diesel driven.

Special WATER JET propulsion arrangements which by their nature require patented outfitting may be installed as additions to the basic design.

The hull configuration, shape, lines and design will be according to US Patents 6668743 and 6957619, and the associated copyrights.

The vessel will be designed so that stability characteristics will allow a weight distribution of 45 to 60 passengers upon the main deck and upper deck. The vessel will have freeboard and stability ranges which allow it to meet USCG requirements for operations on Oceans.

The passenger area supported by the twin pontoons will be of aluminum construction. The compartment will have an partially enclosed area in the main deck midships portion. This area will contain the head and seating areas. The compartment will be enclosed on three sides, and open at the stern, with enough deck area to accommodate 45 passengers. Passenger capacity will be based upon square footage of deck areas. Upper deck shall have a 15 passenger capacity in an open configuration and canopy top.

PDF including boat designs click here

You may purchase this vessel direct
or become a licensee to build you own from our approved set of
plans and specifications.


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