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Enhanced Girder System (EGS) utilizes frames to redistribute stresses developed by the girder in bending. The EGS frame has several advantages.

  • Shear is reduced in the beam and transferred directly to the end hanger
  • Saddle frames of the EGS structure support the web of the beam, stabilizing the web against tripping. This reduces the effective length (Le) of the beam
  • The EGS frames are essentially within the dimensions of the beam, allowing fasteners on the top and side surfaces of the beam


We have developed a fastener with a non-uniform (non primatic) longitudinal shape and a grooved shank. This form substantially increases the strength of connections of elastic/plastic materials, especially wood.

Many variations of this fastener have been constructed and tested, and are listed in a current patent application #60/758631, which has approved international filing

The improved shape:
  • Distributes load to the parent material more nearly uniformly across the section.
  • Causes less disruption of the parent material.
  • Greater SWL holding power (121% to 161%) than comparable wire nails
  • Longer joint life with repeated joint fluctuations.

contact: Marty Pistone 707-778-6421